April 2014

Hi Parents,

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Torrance Tykes is a typical preschool setting providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment with an emphasis on early literacy skills taught by a general education child development instructor. Tykes classrooms are located on campuses throughout the school district. Para – educator, itinerant special education teacher, and DIS services/ support are provided to students with IEP’s enrolled in Tykes classes. No more than four students with IEP’s are enrolled in any one Tykes classroom.

 TORRANCE TYKES official TUSD page:



Call (310) 972-6490 to make an appointment!

Fax  (310) 972-6491

If you suspect your preschool child has a disability and you are a resident of Torrance Unified School District, please contact LAUNCH Preschool for an assessment at (310) 972-6500 x2550.  If you are not a resident of TUSD, contact your home elementary school.

If you do not financially qualify for Torrance Tykes Preschool and you are interested in a fee based preschool, please contact LAUNCH Preschool at (310) 972-6500 x2550 or visit their website at http://launch.tusd.org/  for more information.


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